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Operations and Business to Business Teams

These are the exceptional recruiters that you’ll be working with:

Ralph List, Senior Recruitment Consultant
has over 25 years of recruiting experience at all organizational levels.

With 25 years in human resources, Ralph utilizes his extensive industry experience within the pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotech and healthcare sectors to source and recruit top talented into operational roles at all organizational levels.


Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 224
Email: rlist@nrpsearch.com

Renee Fisher, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Has 20 years in the recruiting industry, Specific to sales, marketing and operation.

Renee has 20 years in the Recruiting industry, specific to sales, marketing and operation roles in the consumer packaged Goods industry, with a focus on the Food and Food Science fields.

Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 230
Email: rfisher@nrpsearch.com

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