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Consumer Packaged Goods Teams

These are the exceptional recruitment consultants that you’ll be working with:

Steve Sampson, Partner
Has over 20 years experience in the consumer packaged Goods and the recruiting industry.

Steve Brings over 20 years experience in the consumer packaged Goods industry as well as recruiting and specializes in placing sales, marketing and senior management positions.

Phone: (406) 620-4545 ext 228




Renee Fisher, Senior Recruiting Consultant
Has 20 years in the recruiting industry, Specific to sales, marketing and operation.

Renee has 20 years in the Recruiting industry, specific to sales, marketing and operation roles in the consumer packaged Goods industry, with a focus on the Food and Food Science fields.

Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 230





Annette Amsolik, Recruiting Consultant
Has over 5 years of industry and recruiting experience.

Annette brings over 5 years of industry and recruiting experience within the consumer Packaged Goods sector and specializes in the placement of key marketing, sales and management candidates.

Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 232





Tony Mazzarolo, Senior Recruiting Consultant
Has over 17 years experience in the industry at various Sales Directors level position.

Tony has over 17 years of Sales experience and has held several senior level sales positions with 1 CPG companies and more recently has been a dedicated top performing recruiter. Having worked in several industries from Confectionary to Alcohol Beverage Tony is well positioned to meet clients’ needs in the CPG segment across all level from sales, marketing and managements.

Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 225




John Paul Coronado, Recruiting Consultant
Has 8 years industry experience with premiere Consumer packaged Goods companies.

John Paul has a strong understanding of clients’ needs, having spent over eight years in leadership roles with top consumer companies. He applies his market knowledge to place all levels of brand managers, fields sales, key account managers and national account managers.


Phone: (416) 620-4545 ext 231







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